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Birds are an important part of our environment. They prey on insects,rodents, and other nuisance animals and pests. Birds help with the distribution of seeds ensuring that new trees, plants and flowers spread across the country and they also contribute to our overall enjoyment of nature. But sometimes birds can get into places they don’t belong like your chimney or attic and can cause damage to wires outside your house or block your gutters and prevent necessary drainage from your roof. Thankfully, for those times, our professionals are there for you when you find yourself in need of bird control, removal and management. 

Reasons Why You Need a Professional Service

pigeons-1209054_640Bird management and removal calls for professionals because birds are often times protected by a variety of rules and regulations that require very specific removal and control technicians that have been specifically trained to handle bird removal and management. When you call us, you can be sure that the birds will be removed and controlled professionally and with strict adherence to all the local regulations. Not only we perform a full inspection and evaluation, we will walk you through each step of the process and make sure that we communicate all of the steps we will take to help remove and manage any birds that may be in your home or around your property.

Why It’s Important to Manage and Remove Birds in Your Home


Having birds in your home may not seem like a huge issue at first. Most people think they are just a minor irritation and do not see the point in removing them from their home. While birds nesting in the tree outside your kitchen window may be nice, having them roosting in your attic or in the eves of your porch can actually cause serious problems.

When birds end up roosting in your attic or other places in your home, they can cause a surprising amount of noise. This can disrupt your sleep, frighten your pets and small children with the noise, and just be a general nuisance to the peace of your home. Additionally, nesting birds frequently come with unpleasant smells that can seep into your home. Their droppings and more frequently can result in a bad odor that needs to be professionally cleaned up after the birds are removed.

In addition to roosting and nesting, some birds can actually cause structural damage to your home and property. Woodpeckers have been known to destroy wooden side and supports of homes as they look for grubs and food. Aside from the constant hammering of their beaks, the damage they can cause could result in a massive headache for you to deal with.

Birds also carry a number of parasites and pests which can get into your home and cause problems for your family and pets. Some of the parasites and pests are actually harmful to humans and can cause health concerns and problems, so it’s important to deal with the birds in and around your home in a timely manner. Even after the birds are removed, inspection is needed to ensure that your home is free from pests.

If you have a garden or crops, birds can wreck havoc on your vegetables and more. Birds will feed on the contents of your garden and crops and can actually pass on diseases and parasites to you when you eat the food from your garden.

Services We Provide

Bird RemovalWe provide a number of bird removal and management services including total inspection of your home for evidence of birds, the humane removal and relocation of birds from your home and property, professional cleaning of roosting sites and droppings, bird spikes and netting to prevent roosting, and bird proofing of your home to prevent any further bird problems. If you think you may have birds in your home or have already seen evidence of birds, call us today and we will perform a full inspection and walk you through the next steps!