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Pigeon Dropping Clean Up Services

Pigeon Droppings Clean UpIf you keep pigeons as a hobby, you will know that they are lovely birds to have and appreciate on a daily basis. However, their habitat can quite quickly get messy, depending of course on how many pigeons you have. Droppings are not only messy, but can pose quite a variety of health and safety hazards. Why is it important to clean up after pigeons? For example, a single pigeon is able to excrete droppings of about 25 pounds on an annual basis. This seems like quite a large number for a single bird, but does relate to their eating habits and consistent “pecking at the ground”. Without effective pigeon control methods and measures, droppings can land on floors or structures causing this to become quite a health risk. Droppings contain bacteria and fungus and can be a hazard to you if you do not take the necessary precautions when cleaning droppings. How can pigeon droppings clean up services help? When hiring out a pigeon dropping clean up service provider, you can have peace of mind that your pigeon’s habitat is in careful hands. By taking the necessary precautions, pigeon dropping clean up services assist with cleaning up droppings to help avoid anyone inhaling infected dust or be exposed to bacteria. To assist with preventing issues that pigeon droppings can cause, you’re clean up service provider take steps to remove the waste before we it turns into a hazardous substance. It is good to note that they will always take precaution with products; clothing and protective wear such as masks when cleaning pigeon waste. The correct types of materials and cleaning products are used such as: · Airzyme Waste Digester – This is ideal for cleaning and deodorizing build-up of pigeon droppings. This product safely breaks down droppings and is approved by the USDA. · Microcide SQ is a hospital grade cleaner that can be used as a disinfectant and deodorizes surfaces that have pigeon droppings on them. This product helps fight against fungus, mold and bacteria. · 3M 6000 Series Half-Face Respirator – this product ensures respiratory protection for cleaning teams when removing debris and droppings from the pigeon’s habitat.

Once your pigeon dropping clean up service provider comes in to clean your pigeon’s living space on a regular basis, you can look forward to a clean, tidy and hygienic space for your pigeon and your family. With this hassle-free service, your pigeons are always a first-priority and will be treated with tender loving care whilst being cleaned out with the necessary precautions always being taken.